Rumdoodle Farm   Wiltshire Horn Sheep

Wiltshire Horn Sheep

The perfect sheep for small acreage and Hobby Farms
  • Minimal handling needed
  • No tail docking
  • No mulesing
  • Resistant to fly strike
  • Worm resistant
  • Guaranteed shedding (unlike some other breeds)
  • Can be tamed
  • Easy Care
  • Hardy
  • Good mothers
  • Quality meat (How the Romans had it!) Sold at Harvest Market Launceston
What does Rumdoodle Farm offer
  • Stud and Pure-bred Wiltshire Horns
  • Rams, Ewes and lambs
  • Ethically raised lamb from gate to plate available at Harvest Market Launceston
  • Premium lamb meat production
  • Mini-flocks to order (Ram and ewes)
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    What does "Ethically raised" mean?

    • No intensive farming
    • Free range
    • Grass fed
    • Minimal handling
    • No tail docking
    • No mulesing
    • No crutching
    • Ewes and rams kept long term
    • Naturally weaned
    • Minimal use of chemicals
    • No growth simulates
    • No growth hormones
    • No antibiotics (unless vet prescribed)
    • We keep our animals happy!

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Photos of our sheep

Enquires, orders:
4 Barretts Road, Karoola, Tasmania
(off Rowley Hill Road)

Contact: 0447 743 511


ABN: 79 645 822 614

Sheep Information:

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     You can find us at The Harvest Farmer Market Launceston

    Usually in Autumn

Why Wiltshire Horns?

Wiltshire horns are a very old breed known for their hardiness and quality meat production with ewes generally producing twins and being excellent mothers.

Being a shedding breed they do not need shearing, mulesing, crutching and are not prone to flystrike.

Traditionally they have kept their tails.

For more information on Wiltshire Horns visit the Australian Wiltshire Horn Sheepbreeders Association